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When less is more - Pascal Felloneau

Before 2011 ended, on Boooooom, a blog of art and photography, has appeared a gallery containing images of the 75 best photographers found by the authors of the site last year. I wanted to examine the author of the photograph of six swans, all with their heads plunged into the dark water. I wanted to know if that picture was a "lucky moment" or if all the pictures of Pascal Fellonneau were so beautiful.

Photo by Pascal Fellonneau 
Through his photographs, the French artist, makes us see the world through his eyes: the compositions are minimal, simple, bold colors. In a world made of ordinary objects and places, he always retrieve and display the extraordinary, the wonderful and seductive.
I discover a great blog that I didn't know. Nopefun is a large collection of short interviews with photographers, artists and "geniuses"cured only by the (perhaps) Chinese Lee Chang Ming. Here I found a page dedicated to Pascal Fellonneau and a brief interview with the photographer:
Photo by Pascal Fellonneau 
nopefun: How long have you been shooting and how did you start?
Pascal: I started shooting when I was sixteen but made several pauses with photography and really re-started in 2003 when I was living in Iceland.

nopefun: What is your series “The Farm” about? What does it mean to you?
Pascal: “The Farm” is an attempt to document the house where I spent most of my boyhood, my grandparents’ farm. As I saw that along the years things were slowly changing there I wanted to keep traces of how it was when I was a child but without nostalgia.

nopefun: Favorite fruit?
Pascal: Cherries

nopefun: Any new music to recommend?
Pascal: I listen mostly to old tunes and classical music, so it would be very hard to recommend new music, sorry for that.
Photo by Pascal Fellonneau 

Photo by Pascal Fellonneau from "The Farm" serie

Photo by Pascal Fellonneau 

Photo by Pascal Fellonneau 

Photo by Pascal Fellonneau 
Photo by Pascal Fellonneau

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