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THE FUTURE WAS WOMEN - Harri Peccinotti

Ideally, my dear readers, i would show you a new talent, a contemporary photographer with an original point of view but I could not remain indifferent when I found out the 'graphic' shots Harri Peccinotti. It 's what happened: 3 years ago I attended a library of photography at number 55 of Scalo San Lorenzo in Rome, where for some time has also been home to the photographic collective OnOff Picture. There I followed a seminar on the photo-reportage and when I arrived early to the lessons I I thumbed through the pages of the books, hundreds of pages and images that would have ended up lingering in my subconscious mind up to date. It was in ths situation that for the first time I had under my eyes the images of Peccinotti: a teen licking a pink popsicle, a swimsuit that adheres to a woman's womb, leaving a glimpse of her nipple turgid.
Photo by Harri Peccinotti
A few days ago, browsing in the ether, I came across an article on the author of the photographs that suddently I recognize: so I wanted to rebuild his life and his revolutionary work which continues to influence the collective imagination of our generation.

<< I love nature in all its forms. And the most beautiful forms, in this imperfect world, will always be those of women >>
. So openly told Harri Peccinotti. Today, seventy years old with long white beard, yesterday, in the sixties, founder and art director of Nova magazine, feminist and totally unconventional. London, born in 1935, at age 14 left school to devote himself to jazz music with a bass trombone under his arm. He moved towards commercial photography creating covers for books and records until 1965, when he founded a magazine with some friends in the field of visual arts, one of the most influential magazines of the sixties: Nova. At a time still full of taboos, where women's magazines insist on themes of family and domestic life, Peccinotti created a magazine for women AA "Above Average Income and Intelligence".
Photo by Harri Peccinotti

The magazine was about philosophy, sociology, politics, feminism and sexual freedom. The offices were crowded with journalists kissed from the wind of cultural emancipation, which churned out provocative articles and the pictures that were proposed on Nova represented a woman who exercised her right to sexual freedom, through an imperfect and terribly sexy body. For the photographs were never used professional models, but ordinary women and for the first time, black women.
Photo by Harri Peccinotti
<< I played music in clubs and on stage there was a multi-ethnicity that came naturally into my pictures>> Peccinotti said.
Nova magazine has helped to eradicate women from the kitchen, household, from the hearth, from home-prison more suffocating. Once Harri Peccinotti bought by an American photographer the entire sequence depicting his wife in the act of giving birth to a child and published it. << We did sell out in ten minutes >> he recalls.
Harri has worked as a photographer and as a photo-consultant for Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Flair, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Queen, and especially for the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur.
To a contemporary observer, the photographs of Harri might seem trivial, considering the nauseating overload of "sexy" images of Western society. However he was to capture for the first time on film the sexy side of daily life and the sensuality of the daily actions of every woman, completely reinventing the allusions to sex and reversing the image of the housewife and obedient woman. His style has been and remains unmistakable: close up, intimate, graphic and natural at the same time. << I always made a lot of close up, because I think they are graphic, it's like approaching the subject. And this makes the poto erotic, not the other >> Peccinotti said commenting on his work.

To see more pictures, and to know the sources of this article, go to the post in italian.

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