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MURLO: MAKE LOVE WITH THE DETAILS - WHO IS Corrado Murlo - Resident photographer @ AMIGDALA

He's very modest and strict with himself, methodical in his work as a scientist. Yet his photographs evoke emotions. Corrado Murlo is the photographer of the best electronic music parties in Rome, AMIGDALA. He knows the light, seems to have a private and intimate dialogue with her. Among the fumes of alchol, chaotic bars, and the music at 120 decibels he manages to create its own order, its own rhythm, resulting in absolute images, as still as disconnected from time and space.
Photo by Corrado Murlo

At what age did you get hold of the camera, the first time?
In what sense? The first time? I do not remember .. I was a kid, my dad had a Zenit. I remember in elementary school I went to camp and I had my camera that made square pictures.
Photo by Corrado Murlo

There was a precise moment when you understand your passion for photography?
No, I always took photos, I liked it and I like it. On each occasion I had the camera with me, always took me and the result was like a diary.

Have you ever taken a photography course?
We assume that for long time i was convinced that photography wasn't "something for me", that "it was so useless." There were already too many people full of themselves, declaring they were good photographers and a part of the "world of photography." Here, I did not want to be just another guy who claimed to be a photographer. But I finally got brave and so the first course I have followed rather later, at twenty-eight years, three years ago, but i was studing by myself for a long time.
Photo by Corrado Murlo
What is your portfolio you like more?
There is no job that I like best. I like and I have fun with everything I do (web site).

And your work that people like best?
Definitely the portraits. They are my most popular shots.

What are the photographers that you admire the most?
Richard Avedon, Martin Parr, Trent Parke, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Liebovitz. There is a bit 'of everything, from glam to black and white, I do not black and white because I have it inside of me.

The photographic reportage made during the festivals of electronic music AMIGDALA are a perfect example of modern documentary photography. Is there a trick to take the perfect picture?
It depends where you are and what you do. There is a "trick" for each type of photography. As for the pictures "of the parties" the trick for me is to enter the soul of the party: I do not mean just having fun. For example, there is a wonderful moment of the night, that no one sees, in which all are preparing themselves: the barman is arranging the glasses and the bar, the room is still empty and the lights are positioned. These are moments that should be part of the story of the evening, which is not limited only to people dancing, getting drunk and having fun, but rather an empty bar that slowly fills and then empties. You have to feel all the different moments of the night.
Photo by Corrado Murlo


In your 'night' photographs is clearly a high attention to detail ..
Because in a report, as in life, you have to go from the macroscopic to the microscopic. That shoe, that bracelet, the tattoo, the movement of an arm, the hand that is close behind the back of someone in a certain way and at a given time set the mood of a night party, not only the room full of people or a person's face. The collar of a shirt, a brooch, a ring, are saying to you much more than the person wearing them than they can make his face or his words.
Photo by Corrado Murlo
The details are so important in life?
Yes, too often you stop to guradare only the big things, the ones that jump out, but the gestures are more hidden, less obvious, which have a greater significance.

How did your collaboration with amygdala start? 
We started casually to New Year-end 2010 early 2011, about a year ago. After a dinner with friends, we were split to go dancing. I had brought the digital camera. I went to AMIGDALA, I paid to get in and I asked if I could take some pictures during the party. For the case they had not the photographer for the party. Evidently they liked my work because they called for subsequent appointments.

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Photos of Corrado Murlo for a backstage photo shoot in Milan (except n.2)

Photo by Corrado Murlo
Photo by Corrado Murlo

Photo by Corrado Murlo

Photo by Corrado Murlo

Photo by Corrado Murlo

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