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Eat, Pray, Photograph. Interview with Cristina Capucci - When the portfolio is a diary

Cristina Capucci stops, breathes and starts listening. So she feels the vibrations of sorrounding nature, establishes a contact with his subject through silent empathy, in unison with the light and the environment and only then take a photograph. She travels. In a Chinese metropolis or in a forest in Russia, she records his feelings and brings them with her, translating them into images warm, embracing and airy.

Photo by Cristina Capucci

Tell us about your experience in China (see Bio of Cristina C. at bottom of page)

Photo by Cristina Capucci
Photo by Cristina Capucci
My experience in China has coincided with a special moment in my life because I was being awakened in me a strong interest in natural medicine and spirituality, and I was starting my career as a photographer. China was a pristine environment in terms of both employment opportunities and of expression. Thanks to a series of virtual contacts I had built before leaving, once there I managed to get into a network for a period up to play the role of supervisor for Elle China  photo shootings: I was on set and I checked that the work was being done the right way. It was, rather than a creative direction, an "operational direction". In China, I shot a lot of catalogs, I worked for Aquascutum and other known brands.

What do you say to your models on the set while shooting? How to create a harmony with them?
When I shoot I always try to go beyond the image of the physical model. I don't say: "Move" or "Shut serious" or "Angry," but I try to communicate a "Smile Inside" to see the light and the potential that comes from the person. I try to convey positive feelings to evoke a natural joy in the model which then becomes the strength that comes when you look at a successful photograph, a portrait that communicates serenity. Many of my photographs are stolen shots improvised while the model is moving. I ask them to create a movement and then I catch the right moment, when they forget the embarrassment and the pose and show the most natural part of his personality. I like being able to create portraits in fashion photography set, always playful and a little surreal.
What are the commissions you prefere?
Surely the editorials, in which I can express myself freely. 

Fashion editors love to work with whom?
Matteo Greco has a great talent and is definitely a stylist on the rise. Besides being a dear friend, with him I realized most of my 'man' shootings. With Ivan Bontchev, fashion editor of URBAN Magazine, I am fine, I feel completely free,  and the work is transformed into a beautiful day with your friends. Lately I shoot for Interview Russia with Viviana Volpicella. It excited me very much and it gave me the charge to continue with ever more enthusiasm in my work. 
Plans for the future?    As a photographer, go on like this, day after day. There I realized how important it is to be well anchored down to the ground even while 'Surf the wave'. For me it is essential to continue work on myself and on a professional level. For a year I found time to go to university in Naturopathy and Chiropractic, subjects that always interest me, helping me to 'have off' and that allows me to keep my personality in the world of fashion and photography. One of my dreams is to one day have a place in nature where I can apply this knowledge on people and in the veterinary field. You may say I'm pursuing my life on these two tracks of which one supports the other.

Photo by Cristina Capucci
If I gave you a ticket with a  open destination and a month available, where would you go?

Always in New York. There is so much to do! When I'm there I feel that there is an invisible city of angels made over New York! It 's really a city of opportunity, people are open and I always feel at home whenever I go there. Once I was commissioned a photo shoot when I was still at the airport and I was able to organize a photo shoot in less than three days! New York gives me a charge and an energy that I can take with me when I return to Milan and I wish I could go more often.

The rose of your favorite photographers.

Mario Testino was the photographer who made me fall in love with fashion photography and that inspired me most in my infancy. Venetia Scott, Bruce Weber is without doubt my favorite.

What inspires you?
My 'vision' and my life experiencesThe images I create reflect my feelings in a given period.  My portfolio is like my personal diary. 

How did you establish your collaboration with Vogue Russia?

I was starting out. Only six months working as a professional and return from Shanghai, I met my family at Moscow airport. I was there as a tourist, but decided to introduce myself to Vogue Russia and tried to meet the fashion editor. I could not get a date, but still left my portfolio at the reception of writing ...

What is essential to take a photograph that is affecting and communicative?
Listen. Listening to the feeling at that moment. Until you see the image even before you take it.

Born in Como (Italy), studied Communication Science, graduating with a thesis on Experiential Marketing in Online Environments and Masters in Advertising at the European Institute of Design. After several years of work in 'family business in the fashion industry, she serves as Head of Communications and later as Manager of Production and Procurement in Asian markets with a specific focus on China and India. He moved to China where he worked with several photographers and as Assistant Creative Director for Elle China, working for brands such as Aquascutum, and L'Oreal. He decides to devote herself entirely to photography.
His photographs have been used for covers of various publications in Italy and abroad and numerous commercial work: Ralph Lauren (advertorial), Aquascutum,Extyn Italy, Christian Pellizzari, Intentions - Bologna, Shopping Guide Moscow,Vogue Russia, Urban Magazine (RCS), Slurp Magazine, Nylon Magazine Mx,Magazine Contributor, New wave Magazine - TO2W, MODELS.COM, Neo 2, Essential Homme Interview and Russia.

Photo by Cristina Capucci

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